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Make sure the Autoplay option is turned off or set to do so only when you're connected to Wi-Fi. For Twitter: In Settings and Privacy, go to Data usage. Here you can turn off image previews, and turn off autoplay completely. You can also make sure the app only plays high-quality video when you're connected to Wi-Fi.

For Instagram: For Snapchat: In Settings, go to Additional Services and hit Manage.

Save Data on Your iPhone: How to Check What Apps Are Using the Most Data | odolikemod.gq

From there toggle Travel Mode on. This will reduce Snapchat's data usage when you're on the go. You can also go to the Memories tab and flip off Smart Backup, so your memories don't back up using cellular data when Wi-Fi is unavailable.

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  • How to Stop iPhone Apps from Using Mobile Data On iOS 8.
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The terrible thing about apps these days is that they all float video in your face, whether you want it or not. Sporting apps like ESPN are prime offenders.

Bypass 150 MB Download Limit in App Store over Cellular Data iOS 11.2 - iOS 10 - iPhone, iPad - 2018

And while it may not seem like such a big deal, those videos burn through a ton of data. Make sure to disable autoplay in any apps you frequent. Wi-Fi assist was billed as a way to help you power through a spotty Wi-Fi connection, but it can be particularly taxing on your data over time, especially if you don't have the best Wi-Fi signal at home. Below, it'll show you just how much data the feature has used.

How to check data usage on an iPhone or iPad

If it's a lot, turn that sucker off. This is a pretty simple one. There, you'll have the option to shut it off entirely, have it use data, or have it use only Wi-Fi. For news or reading junkies who are constantly on the go, apps like Pocket or Instapaper are a huge data help. They allow you to save articles or long features onto your phone so you can read them offline. Pocket even integrates into Safari and Chrome and allows you to save articles from your browser. Just tap the Share icon and scroll over to the top row to the Pocket icon.

Connect to Wi-Fi, and open your Pocket app to download the article. You're free to read whenever you please, data free.

How to Track iPhone Data Usage: Cellular/Mobile Data Usage Tracking Apps of 12222

If you frequently get lost but don't always want to use data when you're in need of directions, download your local area on Google Maps. Open Google Maps, tap the menu icon on the left of the search bar, and hit Offline Maps. Then hit Custom Map and drag the area you'd like to save.

Now you can access it whenever you want, without using data.

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  3. Save Data on Your iPhone: How to Check What Apps Are Using the Most Data;
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  6. It'll even still let you search for directions. Forgot Your Restrictions Passcode?

    Turn cellular data on or off

    Sign up to iPhone Life's Tip of the Day Newsletter and we'll send you a tip each day to save time and get the most out of your iPhone or iPad. If you are concerned about data usage, it's a good idea to toggle off any apps that you don't absolutely need to access while you're out and about.

    Apps, and how to stop them gobbling up your monthly data allowance

    You can always restore an app's cellular access temporarily or permanently if you find yourself wanting to use it away from Wi-Fi. Cellular Data Usage will show you how much data you've used in a given time period.

    Control Your Data – Turn Off Cellular For Certain Apps [iOS Tips]

    This information does not reset automatically; if you want to keep track of this in order to prevent data overages, it's a good idea to set a monthly reminder to manually reset your data usage statistics on the first day of your billing cycle. You can reset the statistics by scrolling down to the bottom of the screen and tapping Reset Statistics. View the discussion thread.