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To start a sleep session open Pillow on the Apple Watch, set your alarm time if you want one and tap on the "Start" button. Pillow will ask for the iPhone to be within reach only if you have enabled audio alarms or audio recordings. Apple Watch Series 4 Complications We've added support for all the new complications that come with Apple Watch Series 4 and we've added new functionality for all existing ones. Pillow's complications will display last night's sleep quality in addition to time asleep in those complications that have space for more information.

If you are using Pillow in manual mode, then the complication will display the time asleep compared to your goal while a sleep session is active. Updated backup and synchronization mechanism Pillow will continue to use iCloud for backups and data synchronization across your devices but the entire process will now be handled by a completely redesigned system that is much more stable and reliable. Fixes - Fixed an issue where Pillow would produce multiple entries on Apple Health - Improved the behaviour or the sleep report notification produced by Automatic sleep tracking - Various stability and localisation fixes A big thank you to all the beta testers that helped us make this update better!

Apple Watch Series 4 Complications We've added support for all the new complications that come with Apple Watch Series 4 and we've added new functionality for the existing ones. Support for new iPhones and Apple Watch Series 4. If are facing any issues or you want to offer feedback for the app, please contact our support team to help you.

Certain stability improvements and issue fixing. Automatic sleep tracking mode Pillow can now detect and analyze sleep automatically, using Apple Watch data gathered during sleep.

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Time to sleep detection Apart from detecting and analyzing sleep, Pillow can also try to detect the time spent in bed with the intention to sleep. This an optional feature as it can result in unwanted awake time at the beginning or end of the session. A new automatic sleep view We've designed a new view for automatic sleep tracking on the iPhone that offers a quick glance at any detected sleep sessions and two progress bars that represent the time asleep and sleep quality for each day. We believe these bars provide a great way to quantify our daily sleep goals and stay motivated.

We've also redesigned Pillow on the Apple Watch to provide the same access to the sleep analysis and daily progress that appears on the iPhone. Detect and analyze sessions in the past Pillow can also detect sleep sessions in the past as there are enough Apple Health data for those days. On the top right corner of the automatic sleep tracking view, we've added calendar button that the user can tap to go back to a day in the past. If a day is empty, tapping on that day will make Pillow look for any sleep sessions.

6 Mobile Apps to Monitor Your Sleep Without a Tracker

Sleep analysis notification We've also added the option to receive a notification every time Pillow detects and analyzes a new sleep session while in Automatic mode. Pillow uses rich notifications to provide a quick textual summary of the sleep session and a sleep analysis chart without requiring to open the app. We've added a new dialog in Pillow that helps you understand how your data is handled inside the app and let you know about your options. Manage data We've added a new section in Pillow's settings that helps you export and delete your data.

Fixes and improvements - Fixed an issue that could cause a noticeable lag while swiping through your past sleep sessions.

The best sleep tracker apps to download for your Apple Watch

Smaller corrections and bug fixes. New sleep analysis algorithm for the Apple Watch We're introducing a completely new sleep analysis algorithm for Apple Watch users, that will lay the groundwork for automatic sleep analysis and detection that is coming in the next version. Sleep analysis is now much faster, a lot more accurate and comes with some UI updates on the Apple Watch.

The new algorithm no longer relies on motion data when it performs sleep analysis with the Apple Watch so, finally, no more "Sleep Analysis Failed". We have a lot in store for Pillow A. Stay tuned.

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Editing your sleep session will also recalculate your sleep quality and update your Apple Health data as well. Turn off screen With the introduction of wireless charging in iPhone 8 and iPhoneX, a lot of people are choosing to place their iPhone face-up on their charger. This leaves the iPhone screen turned on in Pillow so we've added a new option to completely turn off the screen while Pillow is in sleep monitoring mode and you are using your Apple Watch for sleep tracking.

Please bear in mind that if you don't use the Apple Watch to track your sleep, the iPhone must still be placed face-down on the mattress a few inches away from your pillow. In this case, the screen will use the proximity sensor to turn off the screen as usual. Bug fixes - We have fixed a bug in the daily sleep analysis screen that prevented the time and date on the header from updating appropriately while - swiping back to view previous sessions. Feb 19, Version 3. In-App Purchases See All. Pillow Premium. Information Seller Neybox Digital Ltd.

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Size Compatibility Requires iOS Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Price Free. Family Sharing With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app. Today Habit tracker. My Water Balance. Beddit for Model 3. Sleep Cycle: Sleep Better: Sleep Cycle App. Since the Motiv excels at detecting restlessness, and my husband is the more restless sleeper of the two of us, I had him test the Motiv to see what it picks up. The Sleep Length metric was amazingly accurate.

I was having a lot of restless nights when I first started wearing it, waking up for 5 minutes to several hours. I did notice that a few nights when I had a few glasses of wine I actually seemed to have less restless sleep. We all know that alcohol negatively impacts the more restorative sleep phases, but the app told me I slept better.

Hard to say without a breakdown. I would like to see more information on sleep phases. The app only tracked sleep length and restless sleep periods. My restless periods seemed consistent with what the app reported. For now, I am not really sure how to use the data. I could look for trends as far as restless times of night, and see what adjustments make a difference. Sleuthing out the problem would be easier if I knew where the interruptions fell along my sleep rhythms.

Other measures like steps and heart rate all appeared accurate. A few times, I had a difficult time picking up the signal to sync it with the app, but overall it worked well. So far, it seems to be pretty scratch- resistant too. I only scratched it once noticeably when I was sitting on a rock and scraped it. Among the most well-known wearables, the FitBit offers solid sleep tracking, activity tracking, and it integrates with your phone to alert you of incoming calls, texts, and appointments. The FitBit best suits people who want to optimize their exercise, with sleep as part of that goal.

You can get any level of motivation that works for you, from buzzes throughout the day that remind you to get up and move, to completing challenges with friends who are also using the app. Text messages, movement reminders, appointment in your calendars, challenge alerts, social notifications…they all add up.

That said, I found the FitBit to be less distracting than my phone. I could have it on my wrist and quickly decide whether to respond to a text, rather than sifting through every notification that I had on my phone every time a text came through. The FitBit logged my sleep cycles as much more erratic than the other trackers did. Perhaps I could get used to it, but three nights in, I still took it off halfway through the night.

Compared to the rings, which I forgot about soon after putting them on, I noticed the watch at night. You tell the app when you need to wake, then you place your phone next to your pillow or on your nightstand when you hit the sack. Premium offers several additional features like online back-up, a wake-up mood tracker, and integration with your smart light bulbs and running tracker. Generally, I wake on my own without an alarm. I call it waking up gently. I tested the alarm function to see if waking up felt like a gentle nudge, or if I would be tempted to hit snooze eleventy thousand times.

I set the alarm to wake me around 6: The app takes that to mean that any time I caught a light sleep phase between 5: I found that it was surprisingly easy to wake up at the alarm time every day I used the alarm function, which led me to believe the app accurately detected my light sleep phase. Quite a departure from my normal alarm wake-ups with multiple snoozes. I had no idea an iPhone mic was so sensitive. I downloaded the app in the afternoon, when I was nowhere near ready to go to sleep.

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  • Before I closed it, I noticed the sound detection line flexing as I breathed normally, my face about a foot away from my phone. We go to bed at different times and his night sleep is fairly erratic whereas I sleep hard. The app undoubtedly logged my bedtime and sleep pattern, not his.

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