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Then we are here for your craving as in the process of this article we will be guiding you so that you can then apply the latest Jellybean 4. This update is for all those who just hate to wait as Official jellybean 4. So, before we proceed for the detailed guide on how to apply with this firmware update, you will need to go through the list of pre requisites which are mentioned below, so that the firmware update process gets done successfully. Though this firmware is not the Official one which got released by Samsung Electronics, but is a custom ROM firmware released by recognized XDA Developer and is a very highly stable update.

This firmware update is dubbed as Avatar ROM and comes with all the native apps of Jellybean firmware and also comes along with all the goodness of customization options which are there in this custom ROM firmware. Boot the phone into recovery mode by pressing and holding Volume Up , Home and Power buttons together until the Samsung logo appears on the screen then release all three buttons.

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After a few seconds the phone will enter into recovery mode. In recovery mode, use the Volume buttons to scroll between options and Power button to select the desired option.

Once the device is in the recovery mode, perform a Nandroid backup of the existing ROM which can be restored later in case the new ROM does not work or users wish to go back to the previous firmware. To perform Nandroid backup select Backup and Restore then on the next screen select Backup again. When backup process is done, go back to the main recovery menu.

Wait for a few minutes until the data wiping process is completed then go back to the CWM recovery menu. Select wipe cache partition then select Wipe Dalvik Cache under the advance option to perform Dalvik cache wiping. Once the action is completed, return to the recovery menu.

Update Samsung Galaxy S2 to Android 4.3 Jelly Bean

Select install zip from sdcard and then select choose zip from sdcard. Make sure you have installed Samsung Kies. Run it, and the program will take care of your driver installations. I would like to update my Galaxy S2 4.

You can update your Samsung Galaxy S2 from 4. Do I need to reinstall all Apps that I have currently downloaded? Also, when there is a new version of Android, do I need to install that manually or will it be taken care of automatically in the same way that I check for Android updates right now? Yes No I need help You do not have to reinstall applications when you upgrade your phone's OS version. These are very easy and convenient ways, so there is a minimal chance that these update options will change in the future.

Yes No I need help Understand that this update may not come standard for your device, depending on the time that you asked this question, but you can find this update in your update phone option.

Update Galaxy S2 GT I9100G to Official Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean XWLSR OS

It seems that you have rooted your phone to another update of this device instead of having the required update for the phone. Uninstall and reinstall Cyanogen mode to see if you can get your Google Play Store to show up to download applications. You can find the latest CyanogenMod Google apps package download at [1]. I need to install Android 4.

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Can you give me the download link? A download link is not all you are going to need for this process. You will need to follow the steps in the article above, and root your device so that you can get the Jelly Bean update. The update to Android 4.

Install Android Jelly Bean Galaxy S2 IG Firmware Manually

Yes No I need help You can, however, install an open source 4. You would not need to use ODIN, but instead, use the built-in recovery of your phone.

You can find the download for the S2 device here: Yes No I need help http: How do I solve my problem? Was the update completely flashed on the phone? If it were, the phone would have rebooted into the new OS. Connect the phone to the computer and run ODIN again. Make sure the com port is lit up, which will indicate that the phone is connected correctly, and the drivers are installed. Yes No I need help Check out a screenshot here: You'll need to put the phone in download mode when connected to the computer.

To do so, press and hold the "Power" and "Volume Down" buttons at the same time. Make sure this time, the file is fully flashed, and you see the pass sign: See more questions like this: I need download file for update jelly bean 4. In the step: Yes No I need help If you don't have the "Install Zip From SD card" option on your system recovery, this just means that you are not using a custom recovery.

Please install CWM on your phone first before proceeding with the update. To install CWM on your phone, do the following. Make sure your phone is rooted before proceeding. See this image [3]. Intermittent signal issue. Replaced SIM card but still have the same issue.

Android Advices

On jellybean 4. The Samsung Galaxy S2 has a lot of issues, not only with the device itself but with the software on the device. Contact your mobile carrier so they can help diagnose the problem remotely to your device. Yes No I need help My phone isn't starting. There are several ways for you to try to resolve this issue. Try the suggestions below and see if any of them solve the issue. It may be that your power button has gotten stuck, which would be why you are experiencing this problem during the reboot sequence. Try fiddling with that and see if it is stuck, and if so, try to get it unstuck.

If that does not resolve your issue, turn off the phone and take the battery out, then insert it back in. If it is still stuck in the boot loop, your phone likely needs to have a general cleaning. You'll need to take all the parts apart to clean in this case, specifically, the power button , and remove any dirt or grime lurking in your phone. Before taking the phone apart, try to press and hold the power button only for about a minute with extra effort, then after one minute shake the phone. It may sound ridiculous, but it might resolve the problem.

It's also possible that a battery issue is keeping your phone stuck in a boot loop or stuck on the Samsung Logo. What you need to do is check to see if the battery is working okay.