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Smiling is a total game-changer when it comes to the tone of your voicemail greeting. Think about it: So why should your recorded first impression be any different? The sound of a smile helps create a tone and message that convey how much you care about your caller and what she has to say.

What Is a Good Personal Greeting for a Cell Phone?

And just like all aspects of customer service and marketing, the customer has to feel like she matters. And that goes a long way for professionalism. Just write it out and read it out loud a time or two. When you call someone for the first time, unless you know their voice, you really have no way of making sure you actually called the right number. This is pretty simple. You can also limit the number of irrelevant messages you get from people who meant to call someone else.

This tip is more for you than your callers. If customer service inquiries require you to have an order number, specify that callers should include this in their message.

Good voicemail greeting examples

If you hate phone tag, ask callers to include the best times to return their call. Many of the things that can make your voicemail great, also require that you update it pretty regularly. When it comes to voicemail, the best way to keep it interesting is to keep it fresh. So update your greeting every few weeks. Frequent updates allow you to include all kinds of information that goes above and beyond the standard name - away from my desk - leave a message, and your callers will appreciate that.

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Using upbeat language and smiling will give your voicemail the oomph it needs to keep your callers happy and satisfied. All right, no more excuses! Now you have all the advice you need to craft a stellar voicemail greeting.

English Pronunciation - Record a Clear, Professional Voicemail Greeting.

So go find a quiet corner, and get to it! Voicemail Revamp: Humanizing your Business' Voicemail. Your Turn: But that's OK, we're human! With a good voicemail message that lets people know who you are and what they need to do to contact you, you can return the call as soon as you need to. A great voicemail greeting can even make people look forward to you returning their call.

Whether you want to install a professionally recorded voicemail greeting, or you want to record one yourself, it helps to know what you want to say before you record. A business named Lorem Ipsum, which sells widgets, wants to leave a brief message that confirms for the listener that they have called the right business.

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  • How to Make Great Business Voicemail Greetings?

The message would also prompt the caller to provide information needed to return the call, and throws in a nice quick promotional note. They could say the following:. If Lorem Ispum frequently received phone orders for their widgets, they could add this to their voicemail message:. John Smith wants to leave a friendly, short message which gives all necessary details and asks clearly for the info he'll need to return the call.

He could record the following:. If John also wanted to add a unique, personal touch, he could add a reference to a hobby, and even include sound effects:. Background noise can be distracting, and can make your greeting hard to understand. Choose a quiet place to record.

Voicemail Greeting Sample Scripts

Also, if you can, choose a room without too much echo - you don't want people thinking you recorded your message in the loo, do you? Um's and Ah's in your voicemail greeting aren't a great way to make a good impression, so plan what you intend to say. Even better, write it down - at least in point form if not word-for-word - that way you'll know exactly what to say, and say it with confidence.

Before you start recording, smile, even think of something that makes you smile or laugh.

Sample Voice Mail Greetings

It really does make a difference to your tone of voice. Who wants to begin introducing themselves to someone with an apology? Skip the "sorry I missed your call", and the "unfortunately I'm unavailable".