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Just 3 steps to backup your Android contacts, messages, call history, bookmarks to computer, and restore them to your Android or a new Android Phone:. Or download SyncDroid App onto your phone and connect via Wifi network. This feature allows you enjoy fast and reliable android backup and restore.

Connect your phone via USB cable. Connect your phone via Wi-Fi network. Quick, free, safe and security fixes make SyncDroid the best Android Manager. No installation on Android Phone required. I've tried using backups created at different times and it always fails at that point. Any idea what is going on? I backed Trouble restoring onto a new phone. I backed up duplicates to google drive, but Superbackup cannot seem to connect with google drive to restore on the new phone, although google drive works fine on it's own. I see no setting that addresses this. Discord - Chat for Gamers.

Top 10 Android and iPhone Contacts Backup Apps

Google Voice. Microsoft Outlook. Opera Browser. Android Communication Utilities Super Backup: SMS and Contacts. Unfortunately, with native tools becoming more popular, the app scene for this is getting a little weaker.

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There are other ways to backup various parts of your device. If we missed any great methods or backup apps for Android, tell us about them in the comments!

You can also click here to check out our latest Android app and game lists! Buy now! Unfortunately, the forums have been discontinued.

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All discussion has been moved to the comments section of our articles, so start clicking on the topics you're interested in to dive back into the conversation! Here are some more extremely useful backup apps for Android!

Autosync by MetaCtrl Price: Autosync is a series of backup apps by MetaCtrl. Each one lets you backup files automatically.

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Files also sync both ways. Thus, if you upload something to Drive, Autosync for Google Drive puts it on your device and vice versa. Users can choose sync intervals, the types of files that go to the cloud, and more. It also includes Tasker support. The premium features include support for files larger than 10MB, multiple folder syncing support, a passcode setting, no ads, and improved support options.

There are multiple tiers of premium. App Backup is actually a decent backup app for applications. It can copy APK files to your internal storage or cloud storage as you need.

Those are the actual APKs and install perfectly fine. At least, they installed fine during our testing. You can also share APKs, check the package name, the app version, and date installed. Some additional options include an uninstall option, Material Design, and an auto-backup function in case you want to be lazy with it. This isn't nearly as powerful as root-only backup apps like Titanium Backup. However, this is about as good as it can possibly get for non-root users.

The app did crash once during our tests, but it otherwise ran fine. Backup Your Mobile Price: The UI is fairly simple and using it to backup stuff should only take a few minutes of poking around. It looks antiquated, but it's not like you'll use this app more than a few times.

Some have reported the occasional bug. Thus, your mileage may vary. Thankfully, it's free so it won't cost you anything to try it. Easier Backup Price: Easier Backup is basically what the name says.

Apps to Keep Your Data Safe

It backs up your contacts. The app works offline, includes support for VFC, and quick export to basically whatever you want. That includes cloud storage, your email, or your PC. The app also has support for 15 languages, Material Design, and more. It's relatively simple to use and we liked how many options you get to manually move your contacts around. Otherwise, there isn't much else to say.

This app does one thing and it does it correctly. G Cloud Price: G Cloud is a cloud storage option, but one specifically for device backups.