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It will still shine even if you leave it by clicking the home button. The app is very popular on Google Play where it has an average rating of 4. That is also a very good Android flashlight app that doesn't need permissions.

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Note that this is the most popular Android flashlight app. It's free but it has ads. If you don't want ads, then you have to turn your Wi-Fi or mobile data off. This is yet another very good and nice-looking flashlight app for Android. If you still haven't found your favorite, you should give this app a try. Except for the obvious flashlight function and different lighting modes, the app also offers the built-in compass and possibility of customizing screen colors.

This is another very popular and well-liked app with an average rating of 4.

Android Flashlight: Best Android Flashlight Apps, Common Problems & Fixes

If you still want to discover even more flashlight apps for Android, Flashlight Galaxy is a very interesting app you will probably like. Apart from the standard features connected with lighting, the app also lets you adjust the scree color or works on the locked screen. This is one of the best-rated torch apps for Android with an average rating of 4. In comparison to the above flashlight apps for Android, this one is the most advanced one and offers really a lot of different features. What also makes it stand out from the crowd is the fact that it is FREE and displays no ads.

In practice it means that you will never be disturbed by any intrusive popup when using your phone as a torch. Based on literally hundreds of e-mails, messages and comments I have received from you, I compiled the list of the most often Android flashlight app problems. Please note that this article was thoroughly updated and rebuilt in April, The Android flashlight app problems are rare in modern Android phones where flashlight is a standard feature.

How To Fix Flashlight Problem On Android/OnePlus Devices

However, if you have an older phone running Android below 5. There may be at least a few reasons for problems with flashlight app on your Android phone. I tested about 10 different Android phones with this problem and these are the possible fixes I have come up with: If your phone happens to have the flashlight feature present by default, I suggest using it instead of installing external flashlight apps.

Almost all newer phones with Android 5. In the case of older phones, a custom flashlight app may interfere with the stock flashlight.

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Even though Android as an operating system is getting better and better, there are still sometimes some problems with apps o crashing or not working properly. Do you really need multiple apps that actually do the same thing e. I know that this fix may seem very trivial and too simple, but you won't believe how effective it can be.

If we use our phone a lot, it may slow down or become overloaded. A simple restart can do miracles.

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Don't leave home without it! Brightest Flashlight on playstore 2. Strobe Effect Blink Effect 3. Battery percentage meter 4. Battery temperature meter 5. Compass Innovative strobe UI for easy access and control Blink o Meter to control your strobe speed You will enjoy the Flashlight over and over again. You can enjoy the Flashlight app for camping lantern: LED Flash Light for your smart phone.

It uses camera LED to use as flash light.

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Automatically turns on as you open the app and closes when exit to save battery. Save Battery. Turns led off on "Back", "Home" or "Power" button to save battery. Screen time out disabled.

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Compass Accuracy: The accuracy of the compass is mainly dependent on your mobile device sensor efficiency and inteference. Free firmware downloads are made possible thanks in part to your generous donations! If you wish to contribute and support our efforts, please click here. Disable the Auto Mode of your flashlight application and then activate it manually.

A protective film in front of sensors can cause the trouble.

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  7. If you suspect that his is the cause of the problem, just remove it to see the issue will be solved. Start your device in Safe Mode and then activate the flashlight application. If the app works just fine under safe mode, a third-party application may be the cause of the problem. Uninstall the program causing the problem if a third-party is the root of the trouble. The inbuilt flashlight application hardly creates problems. The inbuilt version is not packed with additional options, but that is fine. What you need is a torch, not tons of effects.

    How to turn on flashlight mode for Android devices

    Some flashlight applications do not function properly on older Android versions. When installing a flashlight application , look at its details to check whether it supports your Android version. Using many flashlight apps at the same time may make your device behave improperly.