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Should I be worried he always has his phone face down?

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And if so, how do I get over this? Thanks in advance! Hard choice. I would be suspicious too of such behavior. Being together with my boyfriend for three years, I feel no need to hide anything from him and he does the same for me. He does not mind if I look at his emails or phone. I don't go checking it for cheating signs mind you, because I have no reason to be concerned. So I have to ask: Are there any other signs that might show he is unfaithful?

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Some might tell you you have trust issues and you seem to convincing yourself that you are the crazy one. I think you have a right to be concerned. Trust is earned, not given and clearly you do not feel he has earned it. He needs to acknowledge that and not just put the blame on your supposed paranoia. If he knows this is THE reason you guys broke up, then I figure he'd want to be as open as possible with you.

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I am aware some people are very private about their things, but if this is going to be a problem for you that carries over to your marriage, then perhaps you should evaluate things more carefully. Maybe you should ask him why he puts his phone face down and puts a lock on it. He could be concerned that if he forgets it somewhere someone can look at his private stuff. If that is the case, ask him what the password is, which he should allow you to have just for reassurance.

Don't let him turn it on you by saying, "What, you don't trust me? You have trust issues and you're just being paranoid.

Everything is fine. If you guys can't resolve a simple phone dispute, what will happen when you're married and real problems come about?

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If he lets you into that part of his life, things will be better. Before long it won't even be a concern anymore and you won't give it a second thought. He is hiding something. Leave him unless you can trust him or not care if he flirts with others as he surely does. It may not be serious, but it is only a matter of time when it may become. He obviously keeps his options open otherwise he will not need to hide his phone screen from you. R elationship T alk. I'm dating my ex-fian By Guest , 5 years ago. Garnet Stream.

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