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[Q] Wi-fi hotspot app for a T-Mobile HD2

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Connectify works with most Wi-Fi cards in laptops, though the functionality may be limited in some cases. For example, if your laptop connects to the internet using Wi-Fi itself, it may not be able to use Connectify to further share the network. If your laptop connects to the internet using an Ethernet cable or using a USB data card, Connectify will work without an issue. This means that even if the laptop connects to the internet using Wi-Fi, it will still be able to share the internet connection with other devices.

All you have to do is place your laptop towards the periphery of your existing Wi-Fi network and enable Connectify.

Your Windows Mobile Device Is A Router

Unfortunately, Connectify depends on improvements made to Windows 7 to operate, hence it is not compatible with Windows XP or Vista although it is compatible with Windows Server R2. Connectify will also soon be available for Android devices available on the Android App Market. It is a pocket-sized, battery-powered router that connects to the Photon network and provides high speed Wi-Fi connectivity for up to 5 nearby devices. It costs Rs 6, plus the usual monthly plan.

It costs Rs 3, and can be purchased from olivetelecom. The battery lasts for 4 hours but you have the flexibility to plug your data card directly into the laptop anyway. Read more on 3G. Xpress Music. Tata Photon Wifi. Samsung Symbian. Recommended For You Pakistan bus made to drive over flag in Punjab.

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How To Create wifi Hotspot in Windows 7 / Computer K Zarye Apne Mobile Par Internet Use Karain

By Hitesh Raj Bhagat. Almost all the portable gadgets we use today need to be connected to the internet. Instead of getting an individual internet connection for each of them, you can use one of them to create a personal, mobile Wi-Fi hotspot.

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  • Mobile Wi-Fi Router App Review: Turn Your Windows Mobile Into a Wi-Fi Hotspot.
  • Use your Windows Mobile smartphone as a Wi-Fi access point.
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  • All your other Wi-Fi enabled devices will then be able to connect to this hotspot and share the primary internet connection. Apart from the practicality angle, there can be many uses for this. Your laptop can have high-speed internet connectivity on the move. Within your own network, you devices will be able to share data with each other. Well, JoikuSpot is still around joiku. With the Light version of JoikuSpot, you cannot name your network and the Wi-Fi hotspot that you create is unsecured, meaning that anyone with a Wi-Fi enabled device will be able to connect to it.

    The Light version is also limited in the sense that it only supports basic internet protocols not all websites will be accessible using a hotspot created by JoikuSpot Light. Apart from that, there are no restrictions on the Light version, no time limitations and no obligation to upgrade to the paid version. To download the Light version directly to your phone, visit joikuspot. The iPhone 4 post iOS 4. The app also enables USB and Bluetooth tethering on the same devices.

    More information on MyWi can be found on the developers website, intelliborn.

    Create your own WiFi hotspot with 3G

    No such app is available for non-jailbroken devices. However, with the latest iOS 4. Using an Android device Android has the most options when it comes to sharing an internet connection via Wi-Fi. For starters, any phone or tablet with Android version 2. Once you activate Mobile AP, you can configure it with a name, add an access password and even hide the network so that only trusted devices can connect to it. There are many options for older Android devices too.

    You can download the app directly from the Android App Market, connect the device to your computer and access the data connection. Another open source project is Android Wi-Fi Tether available from code. The app is available even for older devices with Android version 1. Rooting an Android phone is a process similar to jailbreaking on Apple iOS devices. Rooting is not illegal but will definitely void the warranty on the phone. Windows Mobile 6. It is available for purchase and immediate download from joikushop.

    Another option is WmWiFirouter wmwifirouter.